Proficient Caterers is a full-service luxury catering service since 2010, providing exceptional food that pushes the boundaries of quality, creativity and style.

Established 2008

Proficient Caterers

Proficient Caterers started with a vision to provide great party function food service for all kinds of social events and corporate events from at-home functions, kitties, office meetings to large gathering functions such as weddings, conferences etc.

Over 11 years we have built excellent relationships with our customers across Hyderabad and Surrounding cities. We take pride in sourcing the very best local produce where possible, including meat, fruit and vegetables. Our desserts are also made from scratch, to our own recipes, and baked specifically for each event.

We believe that meals should be made from the best and freshest ingredients available. We love transforming humble market ingredients into gourmet dishes presented with an eye-catching design. We firmly believe that the best dishes are not the ones that are fancy or made with an endless array of components. All that a stunning dish needs is excellent quality ingredients and a generous sprinkling of love. And, we at Proficient Caterers, make sure that all our dishes follow this philosophy.

Exceptional food with personal, professional service is what defines the Proficient Caterers Experience.

Proficient Caterers

We Cater To...

Wedding Ceremony

Proficient Caterers is a decent wedding cooking arrangement supplier. Make it truly special with the magic of our experienced chefs. we’ve got you covered.

Valima Reception

We are a full-service Valima and event planning firm, dedicated to delivering only the highest quality product and customer experience..

Corporate Events

Name the milestone, describe the mood you want to create and sit back and relax as you watch Proficient Caterers take care of every detail ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Anniversary Celebrations

An anniversary is a special moment in a couple's journey. The anniversary is a special moment to remind you of your big day's memories. At the same time, you anticipate the years yet to come. It's all about reaffirming your love for each other.

Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations are constantly an extraordinary reason to set up a gathering. Birthday parties are a brilliant open door for loved ones to get together and commend the life of a friend or family member. We will assist you with recognizing this exceptionally uncommon event with lovely nourishment.

Ceremony Lunch

A veritable spread of traditional dishes to enjoy right after your Religious Ceremony. We offer this as vegetarian or non-vegetarian, depending on your preferences.

What are our Customers Saying?

Get Your Package That You Want

1 Chicken Spring Rolls
2 Veg. Spring Rolls
3 Chicken Haleem
4 Aleena Special Chicken (Gravy)
5 Chicken Fry (Sukka) / Chicken Achari
6 Chicken Tangdi Kabab (For Main Table)
7 Rumaali Roti
8 Zafrani Mutton Biryani (No.1 Basmati)
9 Mirchi Ka Salan
10 Dahi Ki Chatni (Raita)
11 Green Salad
12 Qubani Ka Meetha
13 Kashmiri Rabdi
14 Irani Chai (Tea)
15 Mineral Water
16 Disposable Glasses
17 Tissue Paper
18 Toothpick
19 Mouth Freshener
1 Chicken Spring Rolls
2 Veg. Spring Rolls
3 Chicken Stick Kabab
4 Mutton Marag
5 Dil Naan
6 Aleena Special Chicken (Gravy)
7 Chicken Majestic (Boneless)
8 Chicken Tandoori(For Main Table)
9 Rumaali Roti
10 Zafrani Mutton Biryani (No.1 Basmati)
11 Mirchi Ka Salan
12 Dahi Ki Chatni (Raita)
13 Aleena Special Salad
14 Onion Cucumber Salad
15 Qubani Sabith With Dry Fruits
16 Gul-e-Firdous
17 Irani Chai (Tea)
18 Mineral Water
19 Disposable Glasses
20 Tissue Paper
21 Toothpick
22 Mouth Freshener
1 Mutton Spring Rolls
2 Chicken Spring Rolls
3 Veg.Luqhmi
4 Dum Ka Kheema
5 Mutton Boti Kabab
6 Chicken Stick Kabab
7 Aleena Special Chatni
8 Mutton Marag
9 Paan Naan
10 Aleena Spl. Chicken (Gravy)
11 Shahi Chicken with Cashew (Boneless)
12 Chicken Drumsticks
13 Paratha
14 Zafrani Mutton Biryani (No.1 Basmati)
15 Mix Veg. Biryani (Vegetarian Guests)
16 Tomato / Mirchi Ka Saalan
17 Dahi Ki Chatni (Raita)
18 Aleena Special Salad
19 Russian Salad
20 Qubani Ka Meetha (Sabith)
21 Gul-e-Firdous
22 Dry Fruits With Ice Cream
23 Cool Drinks (For Main Table)
24 Packaged Water Bottles (Main Table)
25 Irani Chai (Tea)
26 Mineral Water
27 Disposable Glasses
28 Tissue Paper
29 Toothpick
30 Pan Masala

We create menus that are completely tailored to meet your requirements! Reach Us